The Most Impressive Retail Stores in the World

As we have reached the digital age in retail, mostly noticed in industries such as fashion, technology, and sports, stores are coming up with new ways and concepts to get people through their shop doors.
In this article, our writers at Year Blog will be going slightly off-topic for what we usual, whilst still staying true to our fashion based roots, to list who we consider to be the high-street stores with the most unique and best store designs, and what they did to achieve their success.

Ray Ban Store

One of the most recent stores to transform their identity through the design of their high-street stores is the world’s most successful sunglasses manufacturer, Ray Bans. The stores use of diverse lighting such as neon’s, whilst still keeping to their simple patented red colour for their logo as the main feature as their store. The vast use of the colour Red has helped create an identity to the store which makes it unique from every other. The use of the colour red makes perfect sense from a branding standpoint for Ray Ban, as it’s often considered as an “edgy” colour, much like their style of sunglasses are often the cutting edge of latest fashion.


Apple Store

The Apple store is so successful due to the simplicity of their retail approach, instead of trying to showcase as many products as they possibly can their approach is to minimise the number of products based on the amount of space within their store. This gives customers the feeling that the staff aren’t trying to press them with sales, and instead providing a place where they can also hang out and enjoy themselves. Apple has won various awards for their approach the retail, and if their revenue is anything to go by, it’s definitely a winning formula.



If you don’t happen to already know what Loblaws is, it’s a Canadian supermarket. Instead of opting for the usual approach of buying a retail space, the brand opt for more unconventional spaces such as unused ice hockey stadiums, avoiding the usual approach of UK based supermarkets with the towering shelves on every isle, Loblaw’s approach of having all their products in a low level presentation helps customers find things easier, feel less claustrophobic and navigate around the store more accessibly. You’d think that these simple changes wouldn’t make a lot of difference for customer experience, but Loblaw’s unique approach makes them stand out in Canada.


Rose Biketown

One of our favourite stores here at Year Blog, Rose Biketown is one of the most successful cycling stores in Germany, and one of the major reasons for this is due to the presentation of the products in their stores. Whilst more traditional cycling stores stack their bikes in an orderly fashion, Biketown provide tracks to help the customer’s invasion themselves on the bikes, which will help promote sales.
If you are a keen entrepreneur who is looking to increase sales in their business, we found this handy description of how the biggest retail businesses on the planet do it from branding experts Pearlfisher, it’s definitely worth a read!

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