The Big Autumn No Nos!

What’s on this weekend? Oh, you’ve got a Saturday afternoon out with the girls and are frantically searching the web for something to order for 24hr delivery to your work on Friday. This autumn/winter season there are lots of trends and themes flowing throughout the fashion world but what are the one’s to avoid?

  1. Embroidery


Embroidered shoes and garments seem to have flooded stores this season – and its pretty ugly. The patterns and colours are pretty but worn with your classic Ted Baker skater coat, this combo is not going to work. The gyspy folk theme tagging around this year will hopefully die out soon – it doesn’t match anything in our wardrobes and should go back to where it belongs in the 70’s era.


2. Ponchos


These latino inspired capes invaded the fashion scene a few years ago and seemed to disappear off the shelves. They’ve started to make a comeback but not in a good way. You may be trying to cover up lumps and bumps or just be lazy by throwing one over your clothes but ponchos aren’t intended for this purpose. Best just to leave it on the hanger for this year. High-end fashion brands such as Burberry will always have their classic poncho available, but its well out of our price range (well this year anyway!)


3. Earmuffs


Kids were obsessed with these fluffy ear covers in the 80’s and 90’s (remember Kevin from Home Alone) and fashionistas brought them back a few years ago. These novelty muffs are starting to emerge on the heads of ladies on public transport and in towns around the country. Why not invest in a large wrap around chunky night scarf, or funnel neck coat to cover up the ears and combat ear infections this winter. Ear muffs are definitely a big no, no!


4. Novelty jumpers


Ok, the novelty Christmas jumper is acceptable (only just) but seriously animal ones too? Keep the humour for your loungewear and hunt around iconic brands such as H & M or Topshop for an oversized cotton sweater this year – lace and prints are really bang on trend (think trendy leopard prints) or checked shirts. Team with a chunky scarf or padded jacket to finish it all off.

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