Re-arrange that sock drawer missy

Up and down the country its not unknown for girls to use their sock drawer for throwing the odd thing in to clear away their dresser, odd socks, old holey tights, maybe even the knee-high socks you used 3 Halloweens ago. Get it cleared in 5 easy steps –

  1. Pair ’em up



Dump the contents of your sock drawer out onto the floor and pair up the one’s that have two. Put odd ones’s to the side, and hunt for its partner at the back of your wardrobe, the washing basket and even your boyfriend’s sock drawer. If you have no luck, unfortunately you’ll need to send it to sock heaven in bin, or the clothes bank at your local supermarket. Bin the remainder or find a new home for them.

2. Smelly feet


Your socks are attached to your feet for the best part of 12 hours a day and we don’t want to know how they smell at the end of the day! Keep your sock drawer nice and fresh by placing in some scented drawer liners. You can get some really nice fragranced ones from stores like Laura Ashley – these Beachcomber scented ones are only £5.99.  Guaranteed to keep your new sock collection and drawer smelling fresh for at least another year, drawer liners are not just for your mother-in law’s Christmas present.


3. Divide them up


If your sock drawer also encompasses other items of clothing, clear a neat section away to keep all your socks together and tidy. This drawer box from Swedish giants Ikea is ideal to separate socks from the rest so random one’s can’t get lost or fall down the back of your unit. Buy the Variera box at your nearest Ikea for only £5.


4. Fold ’em up


Sounds ridiculous but you’d be surprised at the amount of people who don’t actually pair up their socks when they take them out off the washing line. A simple crime to amount to lost socks, avoid the penalty by pairing up your socks, and folding over at the tops to make sure they can’t separate while hibernating in your sock drawer.


5. Get organised


Its a family tradition that someone will get socks every year. They may be Marge Simpson character socks, Frosty the Snowman or Elmo. If its you, whatever they are, they’ll be clogging up your sock drawer in January. Have a clear out in December to make room for some newbies to your sock department.

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