Hats To Never Ever Buy

I think you need to have a certain type of face to be able to carry off wearing a hat. Everyone is different though, some suit different hat shapes better that others. Don’t be the one everyone points to in the street or worse, get snapped and go viral on social media.

  1. The Russian doll


Admired by teenage girls and worn by wealthy ladies across the land the Russian doll furry hat has taken off in the past few years. After donning catwalks worldwide, this fashion faux pas is now gracing stocklines in high street retailers. We don’t live in Moscow, and don’t like looking like we have a raccoon strapped to our foreheads. Say no to the Russian hat!

2. The bow bucket hat


I’m pretty sure Mary Poppins wore a hat like this in her movie… it’s been in and out fashion for decades but right now its well out of glamour magazines pages. The pretty bow at the side doesn’t add high-fashion or class. Keep this style for when you are retired and just now search for something that’s on-trend and popular on the high street.


3. Over-ear pom pom hat


More suited to little ladies under 5 years old, this floppy fluffy style is not exactly shouting haute couture. Unless you live in Arctic circle, the ear covers and forehead wrap are unnecessary for a trip to Asda or to pick the kids up from school.


4. The Beanie


The Beanie was actually quite popular a few seasons ago, but if you don’t get away with its look and manage to sit it properly on your end it can end up looking it a British take on Bob Marley’s Jamaican beanie with out the dreadlocks. If it flops over try and adjust it to sit better or it can slide right down and look out of shape. Oh dear. Best to just steer clear of this style – its not on trend anymore and can look odd if you don’t carry it off.


5. The Sunglobe


Again, another pointless hat. The visor can restrict your vision and it almost looks like ¬†jockeys cap. We’re not participating in the Grand National anytime soon so we can kick the sunglobe out to the universe. Pattern wise this won’t flatter your new winter coat or match your gloves. It’s old fashioned and too dated to wear this season.



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