Ditch the wax when getting rid of pesky hair

*points to forehead* I’ve had it up to HERE with waxing. It’s tedious. It’s painful and it never works the way I want. We’ve all been there when you’ve just finished waxing your legs and then sit on the sofa having a feel about for wild strays before getting the tweezers out. If you’re like me and just sick of waxing, well you’ll be happy to know there are other ways you can get rid of hair by ditching the wax. Here are five I’ve read up on:



You know, shaving is really underappreciated. It’s a hell of a lot quicker than waxing and you don’t feel the burn. As long as you don’t end up knicking yourself in the process you can get your pins smooth in no time at all. I would recommend not going for one of the “lady” razors you find in the shops as they don’t have the sharpest blades. Men’s razors do quite a good job and are usually cheaper (as long as you don’t buy those gimmicks with a special precision blade on the back).

The only downside of shaving is that you’ll have to do it every 3-4 days to keep things in check

Depilatory Cream

When you want tingly legs just before getting in the shower, slap on some cream. Depilatory Cream essentially melt away hairs on the surface of the skin and let you simply wipe them away. Finding a good cream is like finding a good fake tan: you want it to work amazingly but you don’t want it to smell all sulphur-y.

The big downside to using creams is that they can smell, they can really dry out your skin (especially if you put too much on the knees) and they’re not the best at dealing with coarser hair. It’s definitely a “I have no time at all” solution.

Laser Hair Removal

When you’re just about done with having hair on your legs and can’t stand the thought of spending another half hour of your life awkwardly hovering over the bath with one leg in the air, you need to get the big boys out. Having laser hair removal is a big deal these days with many celebs opting to get the high performance-low maintenance treatment to get rid of the notion of ever having to wax ever again.

Lasers work by blasting the follicles and causing something akin to a mini explosion of every hair that completely removes the hair and won’t ever let it grow back.


Well hello there sweet…legs? I didn’t know this even existed until reading about it in Cosmo. Sugaring is a little like waxing only instead of using a hot scoop of glue or a strip, you apply a sugar based gel that clings on to hairs. You then let the gel settle and pull it off, along with your hairs in tow.

You can try it at home with a kit that will roughly cost £20 on the high street, but there are clinics that now offer it as an alternative to waxing, and results usually last up to a month before your legs get a little stubble on the go.


Like AC/DC? Then you’ll love the idea of having electrical currents passed through your legs to blast the root of all your troublesome hairs. It is very similar to using a laser although it has the massive downside of being a slower process because you’re essentially electrocuting yourself hair by hair (and there’s only so much your skin can take before feeling frizzled)

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