Choosing the right shade of lipstick for the summer

This summer as often, lip makeup is king. But how do you choose the right shade for you? Here are some tips and tricks to get in on the lip makeup trend…

Lipstick for light skins

This summer, whether in the city or on the beach, you’ll want to find that perfect shade of lipstick to go with the colourful season. For those with light skin but who still tan rather well, try a nude summer makeup for daytime. Choose a shade that is close to your skin colour, like a beige or a very light pink nude. For an even more natural effect, apply it with the tip of your finger, dabbing on the colour from the centre to the outside of your lips. If you want a look that’s a bit more fun, dress your lips with tangy orange shades, or bubble-gum pink! As an evening or daytime makeup, these lipstick colours will make you stand out for sure. A little killer chic detail? Wear your colour lipstick with a nice braided hairstyle.

Picking the right texture

This season, there’s good news in terms of lip makeup: no need to choose between matte and shiny textures, everything is permitted! While in the winter shades tend to be darker, and textures almost all matte, in the summer it’s the whole other way around. The shine in glossy lipsticks brings a welcome brightness in daytime and evening makeup. To nourish your lips and avoid dryness – without seeing your makeup disappear after an hour – it’s a good idea to smother your lips in lip balm half an hour before applying makeup. Once you get to the makeup stage, remove excess balm with a tissue and apply your lipstick on a pulpous hydrated lip.

Lipstick for darker skins

Tanned skins are the queens of the summer, but how do you make lips stand out in this sunny season? Wine coloured lipstick is the trend made for the darker skins. This rather dark shade makes lips pop out and gives them more pulpous aspect. Choose a shiny texture to brighten the look and differ from your winter makeup. You can also count on the impeccable red lipstick and complexion look, a very sober, classy, and remarkable look, perfect for the evening. In the daytime, or for a clubbing makeup, don’t forget the colourful eyeliner trends, perfect for spring and into the summer.

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